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Or goal for our online students is that they receive the same sense of family that we desire to develop with our local students.
We desire to offer more than a class of studies 
or another type of conference seminars.  Kingdom Legacy is about family.

Our heart is for relationship, as well as impartation and understanding from the classes.

To that end we are striving to make available a type of student - teacher mentoring for the classes by way of setting up times of questions and answers and dialog online with the students as time allows.   By way of moderating the classes we hope to bring a true sense of connect as
well as being apart of the community and family of Kingdom Legacy.

The online classes will be available online the week of the live teaching at the local campus.
Each online student will have two weeks in which to review the class and finish any class
work that may be due.  The testing will be graded and reviewed with the students as the moderator may determine.

All of the classes taken online will be accumulated for a first year certificate or a graduation certificate after the second year. The classes will also be credited to those who may wish to pursue licensing or ordination.