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Core Curriculum

Instead of an emphasis on "theory only", application and experience of truths and material are highlighted and encouraged at KLCM. The list below is provided as an example of what subjects have been covered in past years. Many other subjects may be covered besides those listed below. This listing is more of a guide and is subject to change at the Holy Spirit's direction. Each week, semester and every year will be different as the Holy Spirit leads into new realms of discovery.


Some of the subjects that have been taught at KSCM

  • The World of the Supernatural                                      Myers Briggs Personality Test
    Dream Interpretation                                                     Wagner Houts Gifting Test
    Discovering The Voice of God                                      The Ministry of Healing
    Healing The Past Wounds                                             Kingdom Abundance
    The Prophetic Life                                                          Revival History
    The Art of Worship                                                         Naturally Supernatural
    Healing and Integration                                                  Leadership Essentials
    Defeating Dark Realities                                                Grace and The New Covenant
    Quantum Physics and the Kingdom                               Identity and Destiny
    Signs, Wonders and Prayer                                            Kicking Over Sacred Cows
    Activating Your Divine Destiny                                       Grace and the Law
    God's Manisfest Presence
    Personality and Giftings Testing
    Stepping Into Dominion
    The Art of the Victorious Warrior
    The Transforming Power of Royalty
    Kingdom Integration
    3 Pillar Method
    Healing Now