Classes Offered

Some of the Classes Offered


1. Discovering The Voices of God
"God's continual interaction and conversation with us."

  • This class is designed to awaken the understanding of the different ways that God speaks to us today.   A large portion of this class will be dedicated to hearing the voice of God in our dream life.
  • Other classes will cover:
            The Language of Dreams
            Hearing The Voice of the Word of God
            Discovering the Unique Voice of the Holy Spirit   

2. The Transforming Power of Royalty"
 "How to activate the authority that is in you!"

  • In this class we will look at how to activate the authority that God has given us over both the natural and supernatural realm.   A portion of this class will be looking at the supernatural side of quantum mechanics and how to apply it to our lives.
  • Some of the classes include:

                 Faith Language and Quantum Physics
                 Doers of the Impossible
                 Different Realm - Different Rules

3. Understanding The Bible

  • This will be a workshop on understanding how to read the Bible in the light
    of the New Covenant.

4. Empowered Identity Activated Destiny                

The greatest battle of your life will be for your identity.  

In this course you will discover that there is more beyond what
you can see, feel and touch.  There is a supernatural kingdom that                                             
beckons us as it is the land of our inheritance.

Learning to walk as a son or daughter of the King is established
in the day to day living were we know who we are and how to 
live from a greater reality that knows no impossibility.
Some of the topics covered in this ten week class may be:

   1.  The Supernatural Nature of the Gospel
   2.  Understanding Our Position
   3.  New Covenant Identity
   4.  Developing Passion 
   5.  Discovering Your Voice
   6.  The Fortitude of Faith
   7.  Spiritual Substance 
   8.  Beyond the Natural
   9.  Spiritual Imagination and Creativity
 10.  Choosing Wisely


5.  Healing The Broken Past:  Living A Life of Freedom

Being anchored to past event will stop you from moving forward into your dreams and desires.

This class will help equip you to minister these key truths to others.  It will unlock their prison.

It is vital that we stop going around the same cycle in our stop going "round the mountain" again.

Land mines from our past can explode our future.
Let's learn how to remove them.

This course will change your life.  It is intensive restoration to your life.

Topic in this class may cover:

  1. Restoring the Foundation of Trust
  2. Removing the Negative Vows We Make
  3. Stopping Root Judgements We Make 
  4. Awakening The Spirit
  5. Healing From Abortion
  6. Sexual Abuse
  7. Healing Integration

This class also contains a one on one session with Cherrie.