• "Michael and Cherrie's guidance and schooling have really been instrumental in my development as a Christian. I was an empty well for a long time. I would have to liken myself to the story known as the prodigal son.  I did my very best to spend my inheritance. But everything changed when I finally came to accept Jesus. I was instantly reconciled, I came back retching in sack cloth with the foolish expectations to sleep with the pigs. To my never-ending relief, my well was made overflowing by the incredible glory of Christ. It was never about me in truth, it’s not about my works, what I did, or will do. Its about him. Its about his love, I am enough, and that’s why his love is poured out with abundance times infinity. He’s that big.  I can say for certain that I am whole.  I am blessed, and I am finally righteous indeed!  All this and much much more to say the Mike and Cherrie are the mom and dad that sees the real deal in people.  They fostered a healthy loving environment to learn and embrace the seed of Christ in my heart, where it continues to grow. Thanks a billion to Michael and Cherrie for all you do will and have done. I highly recommend the college to all who are hungry for Christ!"   Aaron

  • "This  has forever changed my life. I found deliverance from the fear, hurt and pain that had consumed me.  I'm now experiencing incredible peace and joy instead. Praise God, I'm finally free to become the person I always wanted to be, the person God designed me to be! "  Diane

  • "The training has been incredible.  There have been many people being physically and emotional healed.  A friend told me that  she had experienced the best day of her life ever through the ministry.    I was healed of an eating disorder and God has broke down walls between myself and others in my church.  now we are united and ministering together instead of being separated and working alone."  Dawn