About Us

about us

We are currently a two year college. A primary focus of the school is that believers return to a lifestyle of signs and wonders, the life style of a revivalist. John Wimber once said that faith is spelled “RISK”. With that in mind, our goal is to have an atmosphere of learning and encounter. This is where you can learn to operate in the area of the supernatural without fear of rejection or failure.  

Kingdom Legacy is more than a school. It is a Holy Spirit journey into the realm of the impossible. It is a heavenly adventure where no one dares travel without God.

Bill Johnson: "Never lose sight of a God who knows no impossibility."  In this realm of love, you will learn how to minister with power and walk in signs and wonders to help fulfill your God breathed destiny.

Whether your calling is in ministry or the work place, we want to empower you to produce fruit and have fulfillment in life.

We also offer a path in which qualified people can receive licensing and ordination. Kingdom Legacy is also a network of pastors and leaders from around the world. Here we are united around relationship and keeping the main focus of things on Jesus.


our goal


  • Discover your identity in Christ
  • Develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers
  • Learn and live out the values of the Kingdom of Heaven with a solid biblical understanding
  • Develop the gifts and learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to take the transformational culture of the Kingdom to the world
  • Learn to study and love Scripture
  • Serve with love, truth and power on our ministry team conferences and community outreach
  • Get equipped by participating in ministry training classes, revival groups and small groups
  • Release what you carry to the nations by participating in a one to three-week mission trip (not covered in your tuition)

Our Founders

    Michael and Cherrie Kaylor