Unique Classes

Many of the classes at KLCM have been developed and implemented from more than 40 years of experience from our instructors.

Online Education

With KLCM distant learning program, you will be able to attend classes and graduate just as if you where attending the main campus.

Ministry Events

Ministry Opportunities
As a KLCM student you may join a ministry team to international locations as well as local and national conferences.

Ministry Placement

As a graduate of KLCM you may be eligible for ministry placement opportunities or further equipping though our E4 courses.


to the Kingdom Legacy Family

More than a school we are a family.
Michael Kaylor
Kaylor Ministries

Cherrie and I are very excited to be a part of what God is unfolding in your life!  It is always and adventure.

For us Kingdom living is more than training and equipping, it is family.  To be a part of the Kingdom Legacy family is to be a part of something in life that is greater than what we could ever accomplish by ourselves.  Our prayer is that you will be empowered and impassioned to discover and walk in the original intent of your creation.  That you would become a revivalist in all that you do.  Each one of us should come to the place in life where each morning we are able to say, "I was created to do this!"




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 Randy Clark: Founder Global Awakening

Roberts Liardon author, "God's Generals" series

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